"All In" - The Tone for Whats to Come


Most people do not consider the glaring and obvious trepidations that come with putting everything, personal finances included, on the line to follow their dreams. 

Fueled by youth and optimism, hopeful artistic entrepreneurs think about amazing music that is going to be produced, crowds of screaming fans, the potential to change lives around the world, and gaining admiration from those that inspired them to take a leap of faith. Toxic pessimism often meets that leap, and unwavering self-confidence is typically required to avoid succumbing to it.

Popularity is often fleeting, and it seems that fate only chooses a few lucky individuals to be able to do what they love for a living. Artists and entrepreneurs alike are often plagued by their commitment to their vision of a utopian life. Who can blame them? We are bombarded by images and videos that pander the illusion that it is easy to "grind" and have an easy life where hobbies we enjoy and wealth can intertwine simply. 

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that sometimes people believe hype over substance. When artists can't transcend "going viral" and create true value from unique talent, they often sputter into obscurity or resort to shock value tactics to stay relevant. 

Is there a way to ensure success when going after ambitions and chasing dreams? The following parable and "advice" is a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks it was easy for us to get where we are now.


The "Secret" to Promoting Events


Set against a scenic background of tall redwoods and fresh water rivers, one of the proprietors of a 3-day music, art, and camping festival candidly shares his thoughts on what it is like to try to make a living off of organizing concerts.

“You know what I tell everyone that thinks about getting into the music business and trying to make money off of concerts?” he says with a big smile on his face like he was about to give away a secret money-making algorithm. 

“I say start off with a big lump sum of cash. 5000$ is good but shoot for more like 7000$. Then invite everyone you know over to your house. You don’t need a big venue. If you’ve got a backyard that will definitely work. Get the best speakers you own, hell rent some big ass speakers, you’re following your dreams, right? Get everyone you know to come over. Invite your family, your friends, tell people from high school that you haven’t seen in years. Tell them to bring their cameras too! So, you’ve got everyone you know in your backyard, start playing the music that you want on those big ass speakers because that’s why you get into music, so you can hear the stuff that you want to hear. Tell everyone to get out their cameras and start recording, and get throw that 7000$ on the ground, light it on fire, and dance around it while everyone films you listening to the music you want to hear.

This story may sound a little off-putting, but it is a sad and familiar reality for most that think there is a ton of opportunity in the EDM game. Feeling like nothing happened, money was wasted, and people took advantage of you is an all too familiar outcome for those who try to put on concerts and live shows as a career. What yields great highs, yields tremendous lows. 

Despite high odds of failure, Metatone has been able to break through the glass ceiling by maintaining steady and consistent service, stoking our community, and staying united in the face of adversity. We have now reached a point where we can serve artists and fans like never before.


Metatone's Tipping Point


While every member of the Metatone team can tell you that our journey has been a marathon with a ton of obstacles, we have stayed united in our trust in one another and commitment to serve artists and fans alike.

Our vision is starting to become reality. Our team is now full-time and crosses borders, industries, and disciplines. We have reached our point of critical mass, received enough consistent support from our fans, and added the right experience to know that we have grown past the possibility of being just another cautionary tale. We are ready to announce our arrival on an international stage and to the culture as a whole.

Our upcoming schedule of events will include cities across the United States and now Canada as well. In addition to clubs and bars, we've added unique venues to host more immersive experiences. We cooked up a new concept that will act as our hallmark event every month. Our roster of artists is the largest and most talented it has ever been, with some more familiar names to be announced soon.

Given the nature of business we are in, we were never supposed to make it to where we are now. The community and fans decide where their energy goes and ultimately who gets to do what we do. We are fortunate enough to say that we now have widespread support and the resources to make these moves.

Today, we are proud to announce our biggest line of upcoming events yet! Click the button below to take a deeper looker at our schedule, and we will see you on the dancefloor!  🚀👽✌️

By: Paul Aherne • March 7, 2019