3 Big Reasons why Metatone is "Making It" in the Music Industry


How has this new company been able to fast track to a spot where many ruthlessly compete to get to?

In an industry dominated by the inescapable rat race to the top of the clout mountain, Metatone cofounders John Harmon, Richard Grant, and Parker Cohen seek to break the current industry mold. Quickly glancing at Metatone events and seeing familiar names like Rezz, Space Jesus, Shiba San, and Will Clarke may lead you to believe the team has decades of resources and experience, but they actually came together only a little over a year ago.

"Bringing the best together in music across the many segments that it is comprised of entails not only providing top-level management & agency services to our expanding artist roster but additionally acting as a catalyst for growth within the dance music community at-large," says CEO John Harmon.

"Through the use of our agency, events & media, Metatone will continue to be a beacon for the under-appreciated, independent & uniquely underground. As these less-explored spaces of the community continue to develop, so to do the opportunities for all individuals and brands that make up the overall scene."

Wait, so the goal isn't to book headliners and spend the rest of adulthood on permanent spring break? For the Metatone team, success isn't defined by national attention or "clout." John, Richard, and Parker have found that through their greatest success would be measured by the amount of service they provide to both communities, guided by their 3 core mantras.


Mantra 1: Collaboration Instead of Competition

@chaysounds    B2B    @destructoamf    – bringing the vibes during the legend’s recent trip through Florida

@chaysounds B2B @destructoamf – bringing the vibes during the legend’s recent trip through Florida

“Since starting my career in the music industry 4 years ago, I’ve met and collaborated with many walks of life. Some have more than lived up to the ego-driven stigma that people place on music industry professionals, and many have gone above and beyond to defy that stereotype. One of the biggest values we want to live by here at Metatone is “collaboration, not competition.” While some competition can be healthy and absolutely necessary, we feel too many bridges are burned in this industry without ever exploring opportunities to work with other talented and likeminded individuals.”

- Parker Cohen, Metatone Cofounder


Mantra 2: Lead By Example


Metatone was started in order to create a lasting impact on artists and fans alike.

For it to grow beyond just the three individuals that started it, the cofounders knew that their integrity and standards set for others would be the most important point in avoiding the stigmas of the aforementioned self-absorbed industry professionals from Mantra 1. 

What do Pasquale Rotella (CEO of Insomniac), Meagan Deschenes (Head of HARD Events), and Gary Richards (CEO of Live Style Inc, aka Destructo) have in common?

They all started off as street team promoters. Many consider handing out flyers after shows or hanging up dozens of posters that seemingly disappear overnight to be the lowest part of the industry totem pole. Every member of the Metatone team shares the same passion, drive, and workload when bringing new and unique experiences to fans and artists alike. Many members of staff dedicate countless hours and donate personal resources without hesitation because of the trust each of them have in one another.

Mantra 2 is not about created an army of lifeless workers but about showing that everyone involved works towards a common goal equally. 


Mantra 3: Be Multifaceted and Stoke the Community

Sax 2.JPG

What does it mean to truly be a different? If someone is an artist, are they not different by nature? Since sampling a similar sound and rainbow colored hair replaces orginality on the scale of importance to a lot of people, many will take an unnatural route and be different just for the sake of being different.

We are all different and bring something new to the table, but what sets us apart is our service to both sides of the community.

It has always been clear that Metatone's success has been linked to its dedication to finding and helping the careers a diverse pool of artists and consistently stoking our fan communities. We want to give both sides something to be excited about.

OK, enough of the motivational talk. What does this all mean?

For artists, are we proud to be their solution to the endless demands of the current industry. We are proud to say that our homegrown team has been consistently releasing music since our inception, growing in noriety with our latest tracks being released on world reknowned labels like Dirtybird, Toolroom, Mau5trap, Repopulate Mars, Armada, Desert Hearts, Glasgow Underground.

If you've built a name for yourself and would like to take your career further, reach out to us directly! We are happy to connect with any creative to see if your vision can align with ours. 

For fans, your support for what we do is a beautiful thing. You enable us to grow and create more relationships that inspire and culitvate art. You help us learn and decide what kind of company we are. 

We have already stacked these next couple of months with shows, BUT we want you to vote in our polls for who comes next, get access to exclusive presales, merch giveaways, and to hear tracks from our artists before they're released. You are invited to our brand new inclusive house and bass music communities!

By: Paul Aherne • February 8, 2019