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Metatone Agency is a multi-faceted talent agency located in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) specializing in direct artist management & bookings. Our team offers a unique blend of skilled professionals with over 20+ years experience in day-to-day artist development, A&R, label services, PR/marketing, publishing, advancing, tour planning and management, accounting and more. Furthermore, Metatone’s mission is to function as our roster’s solution to the countless demands of the twenty first century where consistency across releases, branding, engagement and strategy are crucial to any project. Our extensive background in these key areas has proven to be one of our greatest internal assets – allowing our agency to fully align with the vision of each distinct client we work with and facilitate their ultimate progression across all fronts.

Members of our roster have worked with several of the highest-regarded labels from around the electronic music industry, including DirtybirdToolroom, Mau5trapRepopulate Mars, Armada, Desert HeartsGlasgow Underground and more. Additionally, we have maintained partnerships with numerous highly-respected global brands like Sleeping Giant Music (Booking Agency), Lollop Media (PR/Marketing), Dispersion (PR), DK Projects (PR/Publicist) & Songtrust (Publishing). Through the full utilization of Metatone’s creative network our clients are continuously ensured first-class, professional services, in addition to the heightened levels of opportunity from around the world. Furthermore, our company is completely committed to developing each individual project into the greatest version of themselves.



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